Preparing For Your New Arrival

It doesn’t need to be overwhelming; here is a handy checklist of the basics you will want to have available to help you and your kitten get settled in.

Prepare Kitten
Cute Kitten

Cat carry case

Ideally one that opens from the top and at one end. This is less stressful for your kitten, and if there is room for your kitten to grow into it, even better.

A cosy bed

Something your kitten will feel safe and secure in. But cats will be cats, and you may find your kitten prefers the box that the bed came in, rather than the bed itself.

Litter tray

Again cats will be cats, and fortunately, they are super clean creatures and will use a litter tray (and eventually the garden once they are old enough). A litter tray and good quality clumping litter are essential for kittens, and cats with limited outdoor access. A litter tray is also highly recommended even if your cat is free to roam outside.

Food, and dishes for food & water

Nutrition plays a vital role in your kitten’s development. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated bowl for food and another for water.

Flea and worm treatment

Monthly worming is essential for kittens and should continue regularly for the cat’s life, especially if living with children, the elderly or other high-risk groups. Likewise, prevention is far better than cure when it comes to fleas, and gentle monthly dosing provides great results.

A cat flap

Cats are independent and adventurous, and love letting themselves out to explore the world. A cat flap will mean you don’t have to get up every time they want to go outside. There are lots of cat flap options, including flaps that respond only to your cat’s microchip – keeping other pets and animals locked out.

Scratching post

Cats love climbing and getting their claws out, these items could save your furniture and curtains; so the taller the better.


Cats love to play, toys give them an outlet for energy and their instincts. It’s a great way to bond with them too.


The once-monthly protection against harmful parasite.