Protecting Against Parasites

These little creatures love to call your kitten home, both inside and out.

shocked cat
Shocked Cat

Protecting your kitten and family from parasites

From birth, your kitten is an irresistibly warm and nutritious place for these unwanted pests. And Kiwi cats love hunting, grooming and roaming – their adventurous behaviour exposes them to fleas, worms and other parasites.


Your fur baby loves nothing more than to proudly bring home a wee ‘gift’ that they have caught, like a mouse or a bird, or go on adventures around the neighbourhood, in gardens and local parks – anywhere other animals have been. And this is where the problems lie. With Malaysia weather being generally warmer and wetter than other countries, and better home insulation, the flea population is active throughout the year.


There are many products available to help keep pests at bay, but not all are equal. We think the best solution is to treat for internal & external parasites in one gentle monthly spot-on with NEXGARD COMBO; no collars, no pills and no stress for you or your cat.

Are these pests REALLY a problem?

The short answer is yes. These parasites can cause a lot of discomfort for your pet, but more seriously, they cause diseases, and in extreme untreated cases, can be fatal. Prevention is much better than cure - once you see fleas on your pet it may be too late to prevent an infestation, and once established it may take up to three months to eliminate.


The once-monthly protection against harmful parasite.