Settling In At New Home

You’ve done really well! You’ve got yourself sorted with all that you need to welcome a new kitten into your home.

Sleeping Cat
Sleepy Cat

Experiencing a brand new home

This can be daunting for a tiny kitten. Every kitten has a unique personality; some are shy, while others are confident. Whatever their character, you’ll want the transition to go as smoothly as possible. As a new parent you’ll want to understand how the environment impacts your kitten and make sure it will feel safe & secure at home. This will of course strengthen the bond you have with your fur baby.

For the first week or so

Choose a room where your kitten can adjust gradually to its new surroundings. This can also help with litter box training.


  • Potential hazards – check the room and remove anything that could become broken or dangerous, remember your kitten loves small spaces
  • Avoid rooms with full-length curtains – as kittens love to climb
  • Have a litter box in a discreet corner
  • Food & water dishes should be far away from their litter box
  • Position the bed as far away as possible from the litter box, and food & water bowls
  • Have toys available for play – even a cardboard box can go a long way
  • Scratching post – have something that you are ok with your new kitten scratching its claws on or climbing on

The importance of territory

Cats are very territorial and need to feel secure within their home and comfortable within their wider territory. They often rub their cheeks on surfaces (especially your leg) – this is to rub pheromones around the places they consider ‘theirs’ and can give them a sense of security.


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