Lifecycle Of Cat Mange Mites And Ear Mites

Learn more about the lifecycle of cat mange mites and ear mites.

mite lifecycle

Cat mange mites

The life cycle of Notoedres cati takes from 6-10 day to three weeks from egg to adult stage. Female mites burrow tunnels in the keratinized layer of the skin and lay eggs. In 3-5 days, the eggs hatch and the larva formed crawl on the skin surface. In turn, the larva burrow into the superficial layers of the skin forming small pockets and eventually molt into nymphs and adults.

Ear mites

The life cycle of Otodectes cynotis is about 3 weeks and it take place entirely on the cat and has the following stages:

  • Egg
  • Six-legged larva
  • Eight-legged proto and tritonymph
  • Adult

Adult females can live up to 2-3 weeks producing 15-20 eggs.


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